Academic and Business Transcription

Interviews and Focus Groups
Meetings and Conferences
Seminars and Workshops
Lectures and Presentations
Group and Panel Discussions
Videos and Podcasts
Oral Histories and Dictation

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Legal and Court Transcription

Criminal and Civil Trials
Hearings and Arbitrations
Depositions and Sworn Statements
Grand Jury Proceedings
Wiretap Recordings
AAERT Certified Electronic Transcriber
Massachusetts Approved Court Transcriber

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Thanks so much for all your good work. I am always amazed you can make sense out of my stream of consciousness dictation.

Mass. Superior Court Judge

Thank you SO much. You TOTALLY saved the day!!! The hearing started, I mentioned your transcript, and they asked to stop so they can reconsider. Really, I can’t thank you enough!!

K.L., Massachusetts Attorney